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• The world's only fully automated virtual game cabinet

• No attendant required

• Footprint of just 36 square feet (3.34 square meters)

• Goes from pallet to fully operational in 30 minutes

• Always-charged controllers – no need to change pairs mid-day

• Integrated with Embed, Intercard, and all major private label card readers & credit card systems

• Hi-fidelity sound system

• Commercial-grade, high-resolution headset

• Game-play sizzle video displayed on 75-inch screen to attract customers when arcade cabinet is empty


• Dimensions:

6 ft (1.83 meters) wide

3 ft (0.91 meters) deep

10 ft (3.05 meters) high with holographic signs

8 ft (2.44 meters) high without holographic signs

• 75-inch (190-centimeter) 4k displays for onlookers what the player is seeing in the headset, and is protected by quarter-inch thick laminated safety glass

• VR-ready PC, with Intel Core i7 processor, solid-state drive and Nvidia RTX graphics card

• Holographic game title projector – to project animated game title in the air above the cabinet

• Cable retraction and management system to provide 99% wireless experience

• 99% uptime track record


Beat Saber burst on the scene in mid-2018 and instantly became a music rhythm phenomenon.

Following its initial release, Beat Saber soared to the #1 VR spot on Steam, where it's remained ever since. To date, Beat Saber remains one of the best reviewed games of any kind on Steam.

With difficulty settings ranging from Easy to Expert, Beat Saber is simple to learn, tough to master, and addicting from your very first turn. Once players experience Beat Saber, it can be hard to get them to hand over the headset.

Perfectly designed to encourage repeat play, Beat Saber is the premier VR game that everyone has been waiting for and everyone is talking about.

VRsenal is the global exclusive provider for the Beat Saber Arcade Cabinet (excepting Asia).




If you've ever tried to operate an attendant-run VR attraction, then you already know what we're going to say.

Yes, it's a very big deal.

VR is a highly advanced technology, and the mind-boggling set of details that have to be taken into consideration for a successful VR experience makes it difficult for non-tech operators to learn.

At VRsenal, we've taken all of the guesswork and uncertainty out of virtual reality. With VRsenal's Virtual Arcade Cabinet, your customers can slide their game card and our automated system takes care of the rest, from providing sanitation and headset fit instructions, to walking them through how to play the game - we've thought of everything.


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